Gaye Hemsley's love of Dance

Gaye Hemsley’s long love affair with dance started when she was ten years old.

Gaye’s Mother (Wyn) took her to see the English Ballet company ‘Ballet Rambert’

Wyn was a ballroom teacher and friendly with another ballroom teacher Da Katipa who also taught classical ballet. So with great enthusiasm ballet lessons were commenced. Gaye believes because of a loving and dedicated first teacher her love of dance was inspired and fostered to the full potential

Director Gaye Hemsley  (NanaGaye)


First Lady in photo is Da Katipa (Gayes first dance teacher)


At age fifteen Gaye commenced tutoring her first little pupils, at sixteen with the help of her mother she put on her first concert and now so many years later is still enjoying planning and organizing shows. Over the years Gaye has attended many workshops and courses in New Zealand and overseas, always adding to her own knowledge of dance. In 1997 Gaye was asked to run workshops at the DaCi (Dance & the Child International) in Finland, she also took a small group of students to perform with children that had gathered from all over the world. At one stage in her life Gaye had a large school with two hundred pupils of all age groups including adults.

Her organization skills are put into action with several yearly events such as ‘World Dance Day Concert’ where many small dance groups gather together to celebrate dance.

As well as being a member or DaCi Gaye is a member of DANZ (DanceNZ) accredited & committee member of NZ Association of Dance Teachers (NZADT)

In 2003 Gaye graduated from a course on writing stories for children run by the NZ Institute of Business Studies and now has some children’s stories and poems published. Check the latest on the book page.

You may ask why ‘Christina’ was chosen as a name for the group. Gaye’s answer: 'I was an only child and landed three names ‘Gabriel Mary Christina.’ Early in my childhood Gabriel was shortened to ‘Gaye’ and I choose Christina as our logo.'

'One of my main pleasures is teaching young children dance and movement. It expands their imagination and gives them confidence which in turn helps with other life skills.'

After sixty years of teaching in Auckland Gaye is now well established in Western Bay of Plenty offering children’s and adult dance lessens and organizing local events. One of Gaye's projects this year is to publish a memoir 'Journey of a dance Teacher'

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